Cash For Gold Nyc

Why your friends and family members sell gold for cash?

We all know people in our life who have sold their gold for cash. Our friends and family members make hundreds or even thousands of dollars on selling their old jewelry. And now, you are thinking you should sell your gold for cash in NYC. Your old jewelry, that just sits around could be a money making machine.

Why sell your gold for cash in NYC?

First and foremost, the value and price of gold has had a steady increase for the past decade. The price for gold per gram is worth around $50! The gold price per ounce is around $1500! And these prices are only increasing. That is a pretty good investment I would say. The second reason to sell your gold for cash is because why keep an engagement ring or wedding band if you and your spouse are divorced? You can get some serious cash for gold for those items. Plus, selling it might make you feel better. Thirdly, it is easy to sell your gold with New York Gold Buyers. Come into our office, fill out a form, and then we will determine the value of your piece. Getting cash for gold in NYC is seriously that easy.

Sell your gold for cash in NYC

If you want the best price for your gold and more money in your pocket, you came to the right place. New York Gold Buyers will issue the highest payout for your gold. We are certified gold and jewelry buyers in New York City. By selling your gold to us, you are selling your values directly to the refinery. What is meant by this, is that you are cutting out the middleman. This saves us money and gives you more cash for your gold. We specialize in buying gold jewelry, chains, coins, etc. If it is gold, we will give you cash for it. New York Gold Buyers takes pride in the fact that we issue warnings to our customers on potential scams to watch out for when selling their gold. We do not want anyone to sell their jewelry off the street. In fact, we recommend that our customers get a few prices on their values before ever committing to sell them. Buy following these few steps, it will help assure you that you are getting the most cash for your gold.

Cash For Gold Nyc