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If you live in the state of California, recent changes in legislation have made it more difficult to purchase ammunition online. Upcoming legislation will further restrict or limit CA residents from buying ammo, even during face-to-face transactions. In short, there’s never been a better time to purchase ammunition from LAX Ammunition OC.

Don’t Overspend on Ammo

Most OC ammo stores have raised their prices significantly, even though manufacturing materials have only increased slightly n the past year or two. We don’t believe in overcharging for ammo- in fact, and we don’t think our customers should pay more for quality ammunition simply because other stores want to charge as much as possible for ammo. We keep our prices low, and we don’t restrict the number of ammo customers can purchase from us in a single visit.

We’ll Save You Money on Ammo

We have a motto at LAX Ammunition that we like to repeat as often as possible: If you’re buying your ammo from any other OC ammo stores, you’re paying too much. That’s not just a catchphrase or something cute we say, and we are committed to ensuring you pay the lowest prices for ammo as a customer at LAX.

When you stop into our OC location, you’ll see ammo Deals of the Week that change from week to week. Our special pricing is just one more way we try to keep our prices low. Ask about upcoming specials and stock up when we have sales. Future 2019 laws will require all California ammo sales to report customers purchasing ammunition to the Department of Justice for record keeping. Buy now before the new regulations are enacted in early July of 2019.

Private Party Ammo Sales

All ammunition sales taking place between two private CA residents must legally take place through a licensed ammo dealer and adhere to many laws that require fees. You can save time and money by stopping by our OC location and picking up what you need from us. We have the quality and names you’re looking for in new manufacture ammunition, and top quality reloads designed to save you even more.

Prop 63 Changes

Changes in ammo sales laws have created a lot of confusion and have even kept people from buying ammo when the fact is, we are still open for business and are fully compliant with existing legislation. The most significant change you’ll see when you come into LAX Ammunition OC is that ammo is no longer open and able to be inspected before purchase. All ammo in OC ammo stores must be locked and out of the customers’ reach.

Don’t let new laws keep you from stopping in and picking up what you need. We’ll be happy to retrieve your ammo from behind the counter and make sure it’s what you need before the sale. As always, you can trust us for pro-advice on which ammo is right for your needs.

Oc Ammo Stores
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